Characteristics of Successful Online Learners


 To be a successful online learner, you should:

Take advantage of “anytime, anyplace, or any pace” learning
The online classroom gives you the chance to take more or less time. It also allows you the chance to choose when to give it your full concentration. Those that use this to their advantage will find the online classroom conducive to being highly successful.

Be Self-Motivated and Self-Disciplined
With the freedom of “anytime, anyplace, or any pace” comes the responsibility. You have to make sure you log in daily, or according to a consistent schedule. You should plan to dedicate 5-6 hours per week to working in your online class.

Ask Questions
A successful online student must take advantage of opportunities within discussions, office hours, and planned webinars to pose questions. If you aren’t sure what you are expected to do, you should always ask.

Actively Participate in Class Discussions
Your online class will give you an opportunity to share your thoughts, your feelings, and even your own personal experiences. This sharing goes a long way to having a more meaningful learning experience.